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Cast Iron Trench Drain Grating

Cast Iron Grating

Replacing broken or stolen trench grates?

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Trench Drain Systems is the best source for replacement cast iron grating. We supply replacement grates from the biggest names in cast iron trench drain grating, but we are also able to locate discontinued cast iron grating products and find castings from offshore sources.

Need a "Made in America" cast iron grate? 

That's fantastic! Trench Drain Systems has built relationships with top American foundries, so we can supply a broad range of cast iron frame and grate products that are "Made in America. We even offer "Made in America" decorative iron grates and tree frames.

Need a trench drain frame with that?

Besides offering the widest range of cast iron grates of any trench drain supplier, Trench Drain Systems can also provide the frame for your project. We stock conventional frame-and-grate trench drain systems that use custom box forms as well as frame-and-liner systems and trench drain former systems with pre-made forms.

Neenah Foundry

Neenah Foundry Cast Iron Trench Drain GratingWith over 125 years of casting experience, Neenah is a leading foundry for municipal and trench drain casting with trench systems extending from light duty residential applications to extra heavy duty military and airport applications. supplies Neenah products as replacement grates or newly installed systems. Review the three grating families below and see whether one is right for your application.

Heavy Duty Trench Grating (R-4990 and R-4999 Series)

These trench drain grates range from sizes between 8 inches to 51 inches in width. The R-4990 series cannot be bolted down. The R-4999 products are identical to the R-4990 but have the added bolt hole feature. Grates are 1.5” to 2“ thick. Frames can be purchased if you are building a new trench system or you can buy grates individually.

Superior Durability Frame Series (R-4993 and R-4994)

The Superior Duty Frame series is for use at airports, ports, industrial sites and roads. The frames of these two systems have superior resistance to breaking while in use under extraordinary load conditions. The R-4993 has a type T frame, which features a 5” wide protective iron border along the grating. The R-4994 has a type S frame that features a unique frame shape with a wider, clear opening and a more integrated contact with the surrounding concrete.

Self Forming Trench Pan (R-4996)

Neenah also offers a cast iron self forming trench and grate system. This is actually a 30” or 36” long cast iron channel that is 10 inches deep, which becomes the trench lining. The trough is formed in concrete as would any polymer concrete system. Different outlet configurations are available for 4”, 6” and 8” pipe. Channels are available in 6”, 8” and 10” widths. This system is heavy duty.

Other Casting Suppliers

Foundry Cast Iron Trench GratesTrench Drain Systems has access to cast iron trench drain grating from a number of other sources. We have suppliers from India, China, Brazil, Mexico and USA. We purchase discontinued items from foundries going out of business, and we locate new sources that need a marketing arm in the States. Contact Trench Drain Systems with your grating requirements and we’ll locate a product for you that will meet your needs.

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