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Trench Drain Commercial Applications


Animals come in all shapes and sizes.  So do the trench drains used in animal-related applications.  The most effective drainage system will change depending on whether the application is a kennel, a farm or ranch, or a zoo.

Kennels, particularly larger ones, tend to install trench drains at the back of a row of animal enclosures.  This allows employees to hose animal waste from the enclosures quickly, but it also means that animals can get their claws stuck in the grating.  An optimal system is lightweight, pre-sloped, and able to support a catch basin/sediment basket combo while offering perforated or slotted grating.

Commercial farms and ranches see more action than the average residential barn.  Situated in barn aisles, commercial barn drains not only see mud and animal stool but tractors and transport trailers.  For this reason, drains in this application setting are often less about animals and more about load class. 

Animal weights can skyrocket in zoo wash bay applications, so trench drains need to be able to handle the strain.  Drainage systems can be fitted with heavy-duty stainless steel and ductile iron slotted grating to handle big animal loads.  Wider systems may be required for such heavy water flow.

In addition to those listed above, many other products are available.  Please call 866-570-2333 with any questions you have about the drainage systems listed above or the application.

trench drain system in horse barnInstalling a trench drain system in a barn

Food Services

Food service applications call for strict sanitary environments that can be sterilized easily without harming the trench drain.  Sometimes the size of a food preparation area calls for wide drains capable of withstanding heavy food carts rolling over them.  A major emphasis is put on non-slip surfaces, inconspicuous drains and durability.

Stainless Steel food service trench drainStainless Steel slotted trench drain for kitchens


Hospitals and laboratories call for sterile environments, making stainless steel trench drains and grates the first choice when drainage is concerned.  Stainless steel is bacteria resistant because it is easy to clean; it is also resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. Stainless steel edging and grating is available for all channels and can be designed for pedestrian or fork truck traffic.

If stainless steel doesn't fit your budget, however, consider using a vinylester polymer concrete product in applications where corrosive chemicals and high temperatures may be present.  Hubbell offers Polycast channels reinforced with vinylester resin for more demanding chemical applications.

Utility trenches are available for applications where power and communication lines need to be run in the floor for easy access. Zurn Utility Systems, with their variety of sizes and materials, are a popular choice for utility trenches.

Stainless Steel Trench Drains for HospitalsStainless Steel Linear Drain for Hospital

Community and Streetscapes

Trench drain systems designed for high foot traffic areas such as sidewalks and streetscapes are built with safety and style in mind.  In heavily trafficked pedestrian areas, ADA compliant grating is specified by the architect.  Heel-proof grates, with perforations smaller than 3/8" diameter, are becoming common on sidewalks, in front of buildings, and anywhere high heeled shoes might be worn by residents or clientele.

The shift toward safety in surface drainage led to innovation among grating manufacturers, creating new products focused on aesthetics as well as practicality.  Decorative metal and reinforced stone grating are becoming popular drain covers for handling both foot and vehicular traffic.  Grating options are growing, offering many colors and styles to choose from to match the surrounding architecture, among them:

Decorative Cast Iron Tree GratesDecorative Cast Iron Trench Drain Systems handle Pedestrian and Vehicle loads


Steel mills, cement plants and petrochemical plants are harsh environments for most equipment. Repetitive exposure to heavy equipment and corrosive conditions necessitate the use of heavy duty trench drain products.  Because of the industrial application, grating options are limited to grates with an appropriate width and thickness to handle the traffic.

Trench Drain Systems represents a number of manufacturers and foundries that specialize in industrial trench drains:

Foundry Cast Iron Trench Drain GratesStainless Steel Trench Drain Systems

Entertainment Venues

Open spaces like those found in resorts, casinos, water parks, theme parks and national parks all gather large quantities of water during rainfall.  If unprotected, these spaces become unsightly slip hazards.  While also requiring functionality, these locations demand a drainage system that is "people friendly" and aesthetically pleasing.  

Installed in key points, trench drains can drain the water effectively and redirect it to the storm sewer.  Many systems are available that can be used to make the trench; however, the products commonly found in these venues have specialty grating which complements the architecture.

Specialty grates often require a cast-in-place or former system. For design assistance, give the knowledgeable staff at Trench Drain Systems a call today: call 866-570-2333 with any questions you have about the grating options listed above or the application.

Resort Sidewalk Trench Drain SystemCasino or Resort Tree Grating

Sports Venues

Rain alters the chlorine levels in outdoor pools and makes playing on open grass or turf difficult, if not impossible.  Playing on sodden ground increases the likelihood of mud, damaged turf, and player injury.  Tennis courts, pools, golf courses and athletic fields all are designed to quickly remove rain water.  

Trench drain has a big role in keeping sport tracks and fields well drained.  Pre-sloped and non-sloped systems are commonly used in these applications. Standard pedestrian and light vehicular traffic slotted grating is often used in sporting venues. Galvanized steel and HDPE grating are a common grating material choice, but heavier duty cast iron or reinforced steel grating can be specified in areas where a higher volume of wheeled traffic will occur.

For a running track application, products are available specifically designed to be used in an oval track setting.  Consider using a radius drain or a drainage system with radius couplers, like Dura Slope.

For a project on a tight budget, PVC or HDPE drains can be installed that offer a grating color selection. Plastic-bodied drains by Zurn and NDS have several colors of plastic grating options and come in several widths from 1-6 inches.

For Olympic pools and shower room applications, plastic and stainless steel grating products are popular because of their ability to withstand bacteria-fighting cleansers. The materials are also safe for bare feet.

For questions not answered above, call the friendly Trench Drain Systems staff, toll-free at 86-570-2333, and ask about sports trench drains.


Plastic trench drain at tennis courtSports Radius Trench Drain Applications

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