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Trench Drain Installation

Using the correct installation method for your trench drain is critical to ensure the continued functioning and longevity of your system. In some cases, the system you choose will dictate the installation method you will have to use when setting your drain. A former system, for instance, will require that you pour concrete around the form, while a small paver deck drain would require the use of concrete.

A large number of trench drain products can be installed with a variety of methods which use concrete. A few of these methods are described below:

  1. Two Pour Method – In this method, the channels are leveled and suspended from beneath; sometimes by using bricks or compacted gravel. Concrete is poured, covering the base of the channel, in order to secure the drain into place. A final concrete pour is made after the first pour has had a chance to solidify and final leveling adjustments have been made to the channels.
  2. Installation Bracket Method – Some systems come with an installation bracket (or chair) that helps suspend the channels above the ground. And, as these devices are driven into the ground (or attached to rebar that has been hammered into the ground) the channel to secured and ready for a single pour of concrete.
  3. Hanger Method – This method is used when the trench drain is to be placed in an existing floor where the concrete floor is to be cut. The channels are suspended in the trench from a board that spans the trench. The channels are connected to the boards which are secure to the existing floor in some manner. Concrete is pour around the drain channels in this suspended, but secure state.

Every trench drain manufacturer has installation recommendations that are covered in their installation bulletin. We have collected a number of these bulletins and offer them to you by linking to the appropriate manufacturers name in the right side bar. In addition, we have a few installations that have been covered in blog articles.


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Trench Drain Installations

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